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It should be understood that economists talk about richness only. It is right to say on their behalf that his science is meant to be rich by law-based and justice measures, but in this era, even though many things are justified, justice is contrary to intellect. Therefore, it can be said that right way to earn money is to be true path and if it is right to earn money from justice then it should be first task of human beings to create discretion of justice and injustice. It is not enough to just take business or business from business rules of transaction. They also make fish, wolves, and mice.

Big fish also eats small fish; rat eats small creatures and wolf eats man. Their rule is that they have no other knowledge, but God has given understanding to man, has given justice-wisdom. By feeding others by feeding them and making them beggars, they should not become wealthy.

Money is just money and it can be both happiness and sorrow. If he falls in hands of a good man, then he gets farmed and produces food, farmer gets satisfaction with unjust wages and nation is happy. Assuming that money is made in hands of bad man, ammunition forms and people are destroyed. Both nation and people on which they are used to make ammunition take up harm and suffer them.

In this way, we see that true man is wealth. nation in which there is a policy is rich. This time is not enjoyment and luxury. Every single man should do as much as possible to get as much labor as possible.

There is no state available after collecting gold and silver. It should be remembered that improvement in West has happened for only a hundred years. Rather, to be honest, it should be said that in such days, people of West have started appearing in alphabetical order.

Business of things is also essential for public, but we have assumed that its objective is to fill only his house. Laws are also made in same way that merchants can raise money with tremors. Move has also become such that customer should pay lowest price and trader may ask for as much as possible and take it. People have used such a habit in their own business and now they see it because of their dishonesty. There is a need to change this practice. It has become no rule that trader should collect his selfishness and seek wealth only. We would call this kind of business to be a thief by not saying business. Just as soldier gives life to happiness of state, in same way, trader should give life even for happiness of public. Duty of soldier is to protect public, priest, to teach him. Doctor has to keep her healthy and businessman has to collect necessary material for her. duty of all of them is to give their lives on time.

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