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We make our point of view right. Decks to slopes of soil, deployed root material to protect it by saving money, secured it inside huge safes. We saved him from thieves at any cost from bandits, but this daily life, which will dissolve through our every daily, indescribable action destroying daily, will be extinguished without a lamp. What is going to happen, while lamp can be extinguished? We have to protect this life money by daily actions which harm health of idleness, indolence, etc. Do not take away addictions, adultery, robbery, etc. of abstinence.

Be cautious with caution. On receiving last disappointing information by politician, last emperor of Rome lying on sick Shia, that he is only a few moments, emperor has repeatedly agreed that half of empire’s treasures are at feet of Vaidya Are ready to meet if they live two hours and keep them. answer was – ‘entire wealth of world is also unable to give a breath more than emperor from a certain moment.’ Has light of knowledge of our eyes been mine? Is not above statement clear from fact that life money is invaluable, is valuable and compared to any of universes, is it great?

wealth should be deposited so that it can be utilized and can be invested in pleasures and pleasures, but if lust of submission increases to form of trash and man takes money without taking into account need for money or requirements If you get accustomed to neglecting and depositing it, then that money is equal to dust. It may be that a man becomes wealthy but does not develop essential qualities of humanity in it and his character remains like tyrannical, dishonest, or lame. If there is no increase in wealth along with increase of wealth, then it should be understood that depositing this wealth is useless and it is considered worthless to understand that as an instrument. quality of wealth is to increase generosity, to make heart bigger, unpleasant or dishonest sense of which it is associated with, earnings will prove to be only painful.

If heart is impaired by malnutrition, even if you add money to skimp, it does not bring happiness to them, but opposite is proved only by hardship. We will call such rich people poor because they cannot get physical and mental facilities that are available with money. vomiting keeps huge risks of his guard against head. person who does not want to spend money in comfort of woman, in health of children, cannot tell richest person? Look at pain of others like a stone, but in name of giving something in auspicious work, whose soul is exhausted, such a wretched hunger can never be said to be rich. Such people can have a very limited amount of money because they can dare to earn interest only through them, they also have risk of losses. Mischief is afraid that my money will not be squeezed, so she does not have courage to get rid of her chest and put it in business. For these reasons, a person with a stingy nature cannot be very wealthy.

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