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The majority of the numbers cannot follow them even while listening to the teachings of honesty and truthful behavior. The main reason for this is the habit of uselessness. Those people who see others-see their admiration more than their power-they have a habit of spending various kinds of waste, but they cannot remain steadfast on honesty even when they desire. Here is a picture of how the financial condition of such people could not improve.

You earn 100 bucks monthly, the neighbors consider you financially rich, but the dollars fall in your hands but you are very sad to see that your salary ends on the twenty-month of the month. Last ten days pulls off debts, debts, and difficulty. You borrow from the market, you cannot buy life-saving substances. Your servants, children, wife ask for money from you, send market inquiries, you keep on hiding your face in some way and wait eagerly for the first date of the month. This sequence is in the twelve months of the year. There is no saving, the dependency of others in old age cannot be up to the marriage of children cannot complete higher education or fulfill their ambitions, but why?

Ask the people of a lot of House, Restaurant, Syrup, Soda, Ice Cream, Light Refreshments, how much do they take of your earnings? If alone, then 50 dollars or 75 cents is made when one dollar is billed with friends. By purchasing a cup of tea (or direct toxin) you lose your sweat earnings in vain. Soups, syrups, soda, wait for the momentary chocolate habits. The desire remains uncertain. Sweets do not have strength, there is no permanent benefit, there are huge disorders in the inverse stomach.

The seller of the Cinema House ticket and the gatekeeper recognizes you. You see a lot of smiles. Laughs two balls. The film ties the praise of the actresses to the bridge. You see this movie, together with a sample of the other, bring the seed to see the other. After one, the tune of seeing the second and third film, and spending dollars, you bring from the cinema, the tandem of the lust, the breathtaking images of the ill-fated imagery, the filthy songs, the romantic feelings, the mischief habits. At the same time, your eyes light up the flame. Think secretly about the many ways of fulfilling the desire of lust, brainwashing and getting sick and getting death.

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