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In diseases you spend 8-10 dollars per month. If someone has a fever, then someone cough, cold, headache or tonsil. The wife is unhappy with herpes or menstrual diseases. You are the victim of self-suffering or any other secret disease, then what is the point of saying? Ever sometimes injections, then someone goes on driving force. There are also some diseases that you have raised yourself by doing self-paced. You do not clean the tooth, then do new teeth on the day or treat them. Dental doctors grow up on your negligence and laziness. Have you ever wondered why so many shops of medicines are increasing in your city? We are the victims of diseases and give to them and keep them.

Marriage, false pretension, competition of wealthy neighbors? In the excursions, trips, festivals, donations etc., you spend so much time that insist on sari or any other valuables, instead of seeing your pocket, only to please him, just to make any hobbies Buy things.

You earn a dollar a day, but you want to keep food, clothes or houses good. Do not differentiate in fashion, do not want to reduce comfort and luxury items – creams, powders, shaving, cinemas, silk cloths, suit-boots, fragrant oils, cigarettes. Then why do not you become a debtor?

Your washer earns 10 bucks in a month. Do not wear a washed shirt up to two days. Pant’s crease, color, spoil in one day, go to haircut every week, shine on shoes everyday, your work will not work without electric fan and radio. Money does not pass, still buy up the newspaper, calling friends at home and doing favors do nothing. Rickshaws, aces, trams, bicycles, you lose a lot of money.

As soon as your requirement increases, you will experience the expense of spending. Nowadays artificial requirements are on the rise. Comfort, appearance, false pride, luxury, hobbies, fairs, performances, fashion, and substance abuse are being done very well. These are things of transient joy. Artificial requirements make us slaves Because of these, we experience inflation and tightness. Because in the artificial requirements we spend most of the expenditure, we seem to be struggling to buy life-saving and essential substances. Dexterous substances are relatively cheap for simple, simple and healthy life. Survival substances- food, clothing, houses etc. can also be of ordinary grade. In fun you can subsist. Therefore, as the value of life saving material increases, you should keep away from luxuries and luxuries. You only look at essential substances at whatever price you buy but avoid luxury and waste. Forgetting others, in the form of gimmicky, unknowingly, to trap them, or to abandon the wisdom that is going on in the attraction. You will be called a gentleman after getting rid of the clutches of gaudy costumes.

You will ask what is the difference between requirements, comfort items and luxuries? For humans, the most valuable is his body. The body also includes his entire family. He is concerned about maintaining himself and his family (health and maximum happiness). The essential substances of consumption are those which are essential for body and health. These are of importance to human beings.

Three things are important under life-saving substances. (1) Food (2) Clothing (3) Houses. Get food, have clothes for covering the body and there is a house to protect against colds. If these things are fine, then life and survival will continue. These objects are essential to protect life.

If these types of substances are good, then the body will be able to maintain skills as well as dexterity. Workforce, energy and enthusiasm will increase, the body will remain healthy and the man will be very long. What are these clever substances? Good nourishing food, which contains abundance of food, fruits, milk, vegetables, cloves etc., durable clothes which can protect from the century, the house standing in an airy healthy environment, which can provide sun, air, water etc. to the body.

If your income is so great that you can buy clever items (good food, milk, fruit, ventilated house, clean clothes, some entertainment), then take the comfort of things. These will increase your work efficiency, but not in the favor that you spend in proportion.

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