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Dexterity and job skills are less than luxury cost. Occasionally there is a degradation of work efficiency. Man becomes lazy and luxurious, does not want to work. The dollar is very expensive, the profit is reduced.

In this category, these items are the most beautiful clothes, confectionary, nuts, tea variety of pickles, meat feeding, fashionable items, motor, jewelry, birth festival, And in the marriage, unannounced expenses, everyday clothes changed every day, saris, excessive decoration, servants, valuable items of entertainment, horse, carriage, fine fountain pen, sleeping watches, hotel restaurant Switch to food, movies, dancing, books, letters precious cinema magazines, pictures donated more than its capacity, travel, tours, great radio, gaudily, cream, powder, perfume and so on.

The above-mentioned items are not necessary for survival or work efficiency but due to an excessive dollar, the person spends unnatural desire and feels the need for them too. These items cost the highest tax on the price increases. They flourish with artificial requirements. Be careful with these.

We see that people spend unnecessarily in order to show their status to other people on the occasion of marriage, marriage, festivals, festivals, parties, etc. People who die of hunger also carry their performance with this fanfare, as if they were very rich in wealth. In this pomp, he appears to have his nose rising and not cutting.

There is poverty in India, but more foolish than blindness, blind faith, conservatism, misbehavior, pride, the disintegration of religion and illiteracy. The average income of our countrymen is not more than three to four days per day. In this, we have to save for food, clothing, houses, and marriage-weddings. Due to lack of money, our countrymen can hardly eat milk, ghee, fruits, etc. In a greater number, they cannot stay in clean houses, cannot get good clothes, cannot provide good education to children, cannot take the high type of treatment in the disease, remain deprived of travel, study, entertainment. Yet the subject of mourning is that they forget everything on the occasion of marriage, the deceased carry a loan, and inflict thousands of dollars in litigation. For this venture, they have to add one to one cloth after cutting the belly for years, have to take a loan or have to do any unethical practice.

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