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Those trees, which are produced in rocks and hard terrain and to survive, fight from constant winter, heat, storm etc., have seen that the trees are more strong and long-lived. Those who do not have to face difficult times, they cannot have some important work throughout their life. A philosopher used to say that the great men swing in the cries of sorrow and put pillows of calamities. The fire of objections makes our bones strong like steel. Once a young man asked a teacher- ‘Can I become a famous painter one day?’ The teacher said – ‘No. On this, the young man asked surprise- ‘Why?’ The teacher replied – ‘That is why income from one thousand rupees per month comes from home to your ancestral property.’ In the blindness of money, man does not see his duty-path and he forgets the way and goes somewhere. Precious tools are made by heating repeatedly. Weapons are intensified when they are very worn out on stone. The diamond does not shine without going on the lathe. If the magnet stone is not rugged then the hidden fire inside it will lie in the sleeping state. God has given many priceless things to humankind, among which the most important poverty problems are objection and inconvenience, because through them man has opportunity to develop his best qualities. Perhaps God made all the work of every person easy, then surely we were lost by being lazy.

If you have done dishonesty and have deposited the wealth of millions of rupees, then what did you do? What was a great success if you increased your stomach after sucking the blood of the oppressed? If you become poor, other people are becoming poor, your life is falling away from your business, happiness and peace of many people are being destroyed then you are damned on such a richness. Keep in mind- one day you will be asked how to find wealth and how did you spend it? Remember, you will be judged one day and at that time your forgiveness will be repented, then you will see that you turned against him as it should have been.

You will wonder whether anyone can be rich without money? But understand truth in this world there are many people who do not have a penny in their pocket or they do not have a pocket, yet they are rich and are so wealthy that their equality cannot do any other. The body whose body is healthy, the heart is generous and the mind is pure, it is the same rich in reality. The healthy body is more precious than silver, the generous heart is more valuable than gold, and the value of the holy mind is more than the gems. Lord Callingwood said, ‘Let others die over wealth, I am rich without money, because I earn from virtue that I earn.’ Cicero has said – ‘I have some money earned with honesty, but they give me more happiness than millionaires.’

Many greats were wealthy without money. They knew that all necessary food of man does not go in by the head and no joyful things can be purchased with money. God has kept invaluable mysteries on every page of the book of life, if we want, by identifying them and making life lightening. A huge heart and a high soul man will also create the twinkling of gems in the shack. Who is virtuous and motivated in charity, he is rich in all worlds. Even if she lacks money. If you are modest, lover, selfless and holy, then believe that you are the master of eternal wealth.

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