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Those who do not have money will be called poor, but those who have only money is poorer than them. Do not you consider wisdom and virtue to be wealth. Philosophers say that wishes of lavishness! Throw away your despicable interests like rotten and torn old clothes and take away new clothes of love and purity. Stop crying, shouting, panic and frustrated, rich wealth is filled inside you. If you want to be rich, then his key is not outside, search within.

Nothing is nothing but a small display of virtues. Leave greed, anger, disgust, hatred, deceit and sense lust. Fill your mind with love, holiness, gentleness, humility, kindness, patience and happiness. Just then poverty will flee from your door. There will be no vision of weakness and humility. From within will be emergence of an inaccessible and all-encompassing power whose vast glory will be published far and wide.

Person who understands attitude of spiritualists about wealth can never give him paramount position. This does not mean that they abandon world or become lifelong to poverty and poverty. meaning of our statement is so much that do not disregard rules of law and justice, and where there is a question of religion and religion, truth and untruth, always accept favor of religion and truth, whether it is benefit of money And whether loss Wealth should be earned and its proper consumption should also be done with full sincerity. Money is like a river.

River always flows towards sea towards bottom. Similarly, money should also go where needed. But as speed of river can change, speed of money can change as well. Many rivers start flowing around and a lot of water gets accumulated around them due to poisonous air. Due to these tanks, they need to be tied and where they take their water, same water fills ground and makes surrounding air best. Similarly, arbitrary behavior of wealth leads to evil, poverty increases. summary is that wealth becomes poisonous, but if same wealth is fixed, then it should be treated ritually, then flow becomes like a river.

Economists completely forget rule of money control. His scripture is science to get money only, but money can be obtained in many ways. There was a time when in Europe poisoning rich, people would become wealthy by their wealth. Nowadays, food items are prepared for poor people, businessmen mix them. Like milk in flour, flour in potato, say fat in butter, etc. This is similar to being rich by poisoning. Can it call us art or science of riches?

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