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Greed had no end, but it is like a shadow, no one has ever been able to catch up to this day. The purpose of human life is not only to create money but also to increase it. Digging the ruins of the Pompey town, a human found a bone that was holding a large gold bundle firmly in hand. It seems that he would be most concerned about protecting gold at the time of his death. When a ship was drowning, all the people started running in the boats, but one person was involved in collecting money from the treasure of that ship. The colleagues said- let’s run away, otherwise they will be drowned, but that man was putting himself in his tune and drowned with the ship. Being pleased with the penance of a bad man, Lord Shiva gave him such a sac, in which there was a dollar even after the removal. Along with this Shankar also said that unless you destroy this bag, do not start spending it. The poor man started withdrawing one dollar by one by one. At the same time, her craving began to grow. He has been removing repeatedly, even after removing it, he died.

Once goddess of wealth asked a beggar that you should take as much gold as you need, but she should not fall on the ground, otherwise, she will become dirt. The beggar was filled with blind-hog gold in his bag, even after breaking the bag, the gold fell on the ground and it became dust. The tragic sting of greed is not less than the beggars, even though their safes are full of gold.

The path of true wealth is to accomplish the soul with divine qualities. Understand the heart, leaving the gentlemen, there is no happiness and peace anywhere. Confusion even if we find happiness in external circumstances. It is fine that some bastards and scoundrels also become rich in foods, but in reality, they are not rich. In reality, the poor are poorer than the poor, their wealth is useless, is unstable, and in many parts, it is also painful for them. Nothing riches is nothing but a monk.

Those who are making rich by saying that they were very fortunate, but our opinion is that they are unfortunate because in the next life, they will enjoy the fruits of their sins, but they can neither enjoy wealth nor take them along. The heart of the realm in whose heart is the resident, is the richest person, even if it does not spend the life of poverty from outside. Virtue is sure to be happy. Prosperity has opened the door for its reception. If you want a permanent estate, then become a spiritual person. It is a path of pauperism to get into greed and add more money. Be careful that if you earn gold by greed, then let it be done, but do not leave the soil in return.

Edison has written a place that when God blesses mankind on a great scale, it produces hurricanes and accidents so that the hidden virility of the people becomes manifest and they get an opportunity to grow. No stone can be transformed into a beautiful idol unless it has thousands of small hamstring injuries. Edmundework says that ‘difficulty is the name of the master of the gymnasium who fights with them to make their pupils wrestler and makes them so strong that they can kill the other wrestler.’ John Barnathan Used to pray to God – ‘O Lord! Give me more trouble so that I can enjoy more happiness. ‘

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