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In this way, we see that at present, most of the world has forgotten the real status of wealth and has sat on a very high posture. Looking at the condition of nowadays, it seems to us that it must be accepted that the biggest enemy of human life is money. Jesus Christ did not say anything wrong: ‘It is impossible for the rich to enter heaven.’ It means only that wealth makes man so blind that he falls from all the duties of the world. The importance of money in this is that it is spent in public service. Otherwise, there is nothing more destructive like money.

Today very few people can be called happy in the world. In the past, our life was spent only on making bread. Now we should spend in earning our place in society. Only wealth and prosperity should not be the goal of life. You should never be sad. The greatest inspiration in everyone’s life should be that our life is as close as possible to nature and not far from reason and intellect. We should understand the idea of working in our life. It should not be an ideal stomach service. Universities, social services, social life, and education are our fields, we should imagine such an era when our goal is not to sustain life. Life should not be merely a matter of economics or competition. Trade rules change. Many people and many people can do the same thing. The boss and the working hours in the servant are far away. Man is not only human but his spirit is also his god, he is also his religion and another world.

If we understand this by sitting inside ourselves and others’ hearts, then our life will be so happy, but today we do not do it. Why this? The reason for this is the misery of money. In the world of wealth, poor personality disappears. Man cannot be happy unless he gets the opportunity to develop his personality. This civilization prevents the development of personality, without its developed happiness. Happiness is perfume, it is necessary to apply it to others before applying it to others. This perfume is made only when we do one of our work with the help of another. Whether we want to curb our desires, we have to respect the happiness of others. The biggest means of happiness is selfless service.

‘A book titled’ Chunj ‘is chosen by the Friends of the Friends of Allies, which says,’ You cannot worship both God and the devil simultaneously. ‘Its author, Mr. Arthur E. Jones, says, ‘Do not know which rupee-money came in the world, which has taken such a right over us today that we have become part of it. If I say that the biggest obstacle in the prosperity of the world is money, then the old people will wake up. But whatever the pain in the world today is due to this lowly God. This is the reason for the food crisis, disease and disease. Since all the pleasures of happiness can be obtained from this, that is why there is so much trouble in the world. The amount of time-consuming the consumption of ingredients seems to be in the scope of sale of those items many times more than that. There are millions of men and women in the business world who are busy, who do nothing in the name of Genesis

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