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The disaster is that men do not love each other. If there is a sense of rendering in place of the selfish sense of adoption, then the economic value of each item will be eliminated. Today millions of people are troubled in the work of accounting, bookkeeping and millions of people are appointed in army, troop or police only because they protect the bookkeepers and their fund. Prison and police are needed in the world of dollars. If this person is engaged in the production of self and cannot get the financial value of his origin and achieve physical pleasure, then the world will become very happy. In today’s world, the unbridled property is engaged in high offices, in banks and companies ‘buildings, in the army, police, prison and defenders’ groups. If such property and its growing spell would have been spent in feeding the world, how would the world of today be? Millions of males and females languish in hospitals, due to lacking or lacking, and millions of men and women are cutting the jail for money. It’s often a fight in every family. There is a quarrel between the owner and the servant. If there was no limit to money, how limited would it be to the world?

It is true that money from the world should rise suddenly, there is no such possibility, but the development of money, its importance, and its state can certainly be stopped. For this, we have to disguise ourselves, instead of selfishness, substance instead of false dreams of prosperity and shelter of God in place of sacrifice and fate. Otherwise, today’s hi-hi who has destroyed the pleasure of our life, now it is going to destroy our soul too. We have to save our soul even by losing everything.
The thing is that we used to think of dollars money as money, we named the real estate as money, and the center-point of our life, the hold of joy came out in the form of a real movable. Our flow was on the wrong path.

Can some actions of our invaluable breathing or comparison be done by the entire property of the triplicate? All the treasures of the car should be considered as less than the ray of wealth. True wealth is our health, the existence of the whole available material of the world is dependent on the power of life. Humans are indifferent to the worried and attainable for unavailable. We do not have the breath of pleasure for whatever we have, no matter what it is not, it is distressed and distressing. In many weaknesses of human nature, it is easily considered to be a behavioral method to remain unsatisfied with attainment.

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