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Earning of money should be done only with view that it is fulfillment of proper lack of self and others. To fulfill worldly obligations for development of body, mind, growth, and soul, money should be used and that is why it should be earned.

proper way to make money is in which man has full physical and mental labor, in which right of another is not abducted, in which no stolen, cheating, abuse, injustice pressure, etc. have been used. Whereby society and nation are not harmed, money earned with such earnings flourishes and it leads to true advancement of human being.

Just as need to take care of justification of wealth requires careful attention, it should also be used in use. It is a duty to use funds for necessary development of yourself and your family. Managing emotions or misuse of wealth for exploitation of mischief is reason for human degradation, dishonor, and misery.

By neglecting their proper physical, mental, spiritual and worldly needs, those who are immersed in desire to gather more money and want to leave lavishness for seven books, they make great mistakes. By getting free wealth, future children can become lazy, addictive, useless and other victims of evil. person who has not earned money by sweating cannot evaluate it. Rather than being able to add a property to children, it is better to spend in making them educated, healthy and self-sufficient.

Money is not a bad thing, and especially in present time, nature of world has become such that life of a person without money is possible, but wealth is good and beneficial till it is earned with honesty and its utilization To be done On contrary, if we make a goal to earn money and to collect it from all four sides and lock it in its locker, or by understanding that if we use our property as it is, then spend it in copy of mischief For curse form becomes. Such a person does his own degradation, as well as depriving others of their right to cause of their misfortune. Nowadays, we are seeing that in which there is a great deal of cleverness and power, he tries to do more and more happiness in world. In order to fulfill this pleasure, he attacks rights of his neighbors and snatches his head from his mouth and makes himself a master.

Being a person’s merchant means being culprit of many, exploitation of many, abduction of many If a high house is to be built, it will have to collect a lot of soil and wherever soil is raised, it is sure to have a crater. Objects also produce divine according to number of creatures in this world. If a person accumulates more things than its requirement, then its meaning – necessity of others, is abducted. In Second World War, governments and capitalists gathered in excessive stock of food grains, consequently, food grains fell short in second place and in states of Bengal, millions of people died of hunger. In past century, Britain’s wealth was born from exploitation of subordinate countries like India. countries which were exploited were devastated by poverty, unemployment, hunger, and disease in poor condition.

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