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Things are the same in the world so that all people can live equally well. If a person becomes a merchant, it cannot happen that due to his many people did not have to become poor, this great truth was well-known to our revered ancestors, so he gave importance to non-violence in human religion. Minimal collection of objects was the ideal principle of Indian civilization. Sages used to store at least objects. They used to keep coppin and live in slug huts. The collective money of the people – the state funds were spent only in the works of the people. The traders used to consider themselves as a trustee of the public wealth and handed over the money to the public without hesitation when necessary.

Today’s view is second. People are becoming blind in the tune of becoming auspicious. The policy has been put on the issue of unethical, right-wrong, misdeeds and misery, and the efforts are being made to become a rich man at the earliest. Funds! More money!! Quick money! Funds!! Funds!! Putting this rote, the man has forgotten consciousness. Like crazy jackal, manic is running around in search of wealth.
Sin is a contagious disease. Which looks and spread from one to the other. Seeing this one being blindfolded to become wealthy and many have the same desire. The number of robbers who accumulate money in an improper way increases – then there is a conflict between the looting and the looters. There is a conflict of rivalry among robbers. Thus, the fight is fought on three fronts. In the village-village, in the caste, there is a problem in the class. As soon as it happens, to become wealthy quickly, giving priority to personal prosperity is the only definite result of discord. Which we see dance around us.

Unless the human race changes this activity, its difficulties will not end. A knot will not be able to solve it until the new knot will be created. A conflict will start until a conflict prevails. The robber will not sleep, and the one who does not loot will sit with peace. Becoming wealthy is one of the jealousies in the mind of many people, to ignite the burning of jealousy. This truth is sun-shining that one has to be rich in wealth, many have to keep poor. In order to prevent this evil, our ancestors chose the voluntary acceptance of unbridled rule. Today’s world is going to establish a socialist system by the rule of power.

In fact, a certain amount of money is needed for livelihood. If an exemption is stopped, then man can earn his essential things with very little effort. Different types of advances can be practiced in the remaining time. The soul is prepared with the greed for holding the human body, it is possible to experience the juice when the fever of wealth accumulation is removed and along with that fever, many other nuisances arise. They will end.

God is a paradoxical one. It gives all the same convenience. we need to store the physical substances as much as possible in the proper manner and enough for real needs. Do not crave the accumulation of more material as this lust is contrary to Divine Will and will create discord.

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